Despacito the viral music video of the year

This Song by Luis Fonsi & Daddy Yankee uploaded beginning of the year have been picking up traction slowly, and now is going fully viral.

The song has a catchy rhythm even for the non Spanish speakers, and of course Justin bieber brought more attention to it.

More info about Bieber involvement:

A remix version of “Despacito” featuring Canadian singer Justin Bieber was released digitally on April 17, 2017. His Spanish performance of the chorus became the first time he sang in that language. It is the first collaboration between Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee with Bieber. The song maintains the original rhythms and Luis Fonsi translated some lines to English, singing a verse in Spanglish, while Daddy Yankee’s verses were kept from the original version. Justin Bieber and American songwriters Jason Boyd and Marty James co-wrote the version. According to Fonsi, Justin Bieber wanted to record the remix version after seeing how people reacted to “Despacito” in a Colombian club.

The remix’s official audio became the highest debut for a music-related video in 2017 as of April and also the fourth music-related video with most views in one day with 23.8 million views.Bieber’s collaboration helped the song to reach number one of the US Billboard Hot 100, the first for a primarily Spanish-language song since “Macarena” by Los del Río in 1996.The remix alone topped the charts of Finland, the Netherlands, Norway and Sweden, and reached the top ten of Mexico, New Zealand and Spain.



How to copy a Viral Video

There’s no doubt a good viral video can lead a company or startups to success. But the process of producing a viral video is still not clear to almost all advertising companies.
So it’s not a surprise that some would try to clone a successful video.

You would expect clones would popup when the video is easy to copy, here’s some cases of how to copy a viral video.

To be clear, copying a viral video is any way, gives no guarantee that the video will go viral, actually no video would go viral without proper viral marketing.

Copy the viral video style:

When the video is simple like the Mac VS. PC, it’s easy to copy the style, in this case, you can simply get 2 people, one will talk about your product awesomeness and the other about the inferiority of a popular competitor …
But again, you will need to let a viral marketing team handle this, or at least handle the marketing, otherwise your video is going nowhere.

Mac VS. PC ads:

The simple copy approach might work when the video is simple, but when you have a more complex video, it’s hard to simply copy the style.

Get inspired from a Viral Video:

Being inspired by a viral video to produce a video means you follow a similar approach, for example use a specific tone, funny sarcasm and try to produce a similar emotional scenario,  let’s take the case of Dollar shave club & Super meat. Even though you might end up with a great video, without marketing it correctly and creating buzz around it, even the best videos won’t go viral!

Dollar Shave Club


Now check this Video: Super Meat

Without being a clone or a direct copy, a good observer would notice that the super meat video was heavily inspired by the dollar shave club. They included a nice explainer video , which is a plus.


Re-purpose a viral video:

This is probably the cheapest and laziest way to copy a viral video, usually you take the original video, and you remix it (this won’t offer any value to commercial products), or in other cases, take a viral clip in a foreign language and subtitle it in a creative and funny way. PS: the subtitles are not a real translation of what is said. A couple examples the hitler viral videos and the spanish laughing guy.


The Hitler viral videos:


The Spanish laughing guy: