Emotional Advertising, Viral Videos … Cheat Sheet

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Viral Videos … Cheat Sheet

Viral videos being the holy grail of advertising, many advertising agencies have been trying to create a viral video, and the absolute totality have failed to do so, because a viral video is something very hard to produce for an advertising agency.

But then, they discovered a shortcut, they realized that the video does not really have to be about a specific business, all it has to do is cover a subject related to the business in question, and use a dramatic and emotional story in it.

In other words, they get the drama producer to produce a fictional situation, that will make people cry, and then in some way associate it to the product or company…

Companies videos will go viral , but through psychological manipulation, but then again psychology have a big role in advertising ,  these videos will often end with a phrase reminding you of the company that had the video ad done.

Does Emotional Advertising work ?

Saying it does not would be a lie, but saying it does would be a simplification …
Simply emotional advertising can be used for unknown brand to get some exposure, but could be damaging for big brands, as it underline psychological tactic used, which might alienate the fans.


let’s take a couple case studies:

  1. Dad keeping appearance while working hard for his daughter : advertising an Insurance company

When insurance companies, labeled by most as “the most dishonest types of business”, get on the bandwagon of emotional advertising there’s nothing more to say …
The story of a parent sacrifice to give the best for his daughter, touches a lot of hearts, only to reveal that it’s actually an ad for MetLife an insurance agency …
Would the ad get them exposure? You bet it will, will it get them clients? A little bit, because most viewers did not even care what was after the video.


2. Paying back a good deed after years : advertising a Telecommunication Company

This telecommunication company from Thailand “TrueMove H” decided to make you feel sad, and the relieved when a good hear-ted old man become sick and a boy he helped back then becomes a doctor and take in charge the costs of the operation.
Would the viral ad get them exposure? There’s no doubt, will it get them clients? none, because the subject is lightly related to the service, and then people don’t make purchasing decision based on a warm feeling.


3. Two old friends reunion : advertising a search engine: Google

Yes, Google also joined the bulk of companies using psychological manipulation, in this video, it is showing how 2 old friends were able to meet after year of separation due to India/Pakistan separation , and all of course thanks to Google services …
This video will have absolutely no influence on Google reach in India and Pakistan, it’s only a PR move.


4. Doing Good for the sake of good “unsung hero” : ad for a Thai insurance company

Another example of what i tend to call useless emotional manipulation, a thai insurance agency video portraying a man doing good for the sake of good, and then ending it with their logo and catch line.
How would this help sell insurance? Let’s say it’s a branding more rather than a direct selling pitch.

Emotional Advertising future:

The future is bleak, the least i can say, the reason is that once the companies start abusing of emotional advertising, it will no longer have any effect on people … I’ll even go on a limp and say that emotional advertising have the same qualities as sex and violence advertising meaning that people will not be influenced to buy more due to the ad, on the contrary they might buy less if compared to standard video ad. But advantage here, is it propagates easier.


Should you create an emotional viral video for your company?

Depends, if you are on a tight budget, don’t do it, because getting it right is not easy and would require that you put some serious money into the video production, but also creating buzz around it!

If you want it for online use:

If you have a business and looking for a way to get customers, I would recommend that you go with an explainer video instead, explainer videos are very hot these days and they have a much higher conversion rate than an emotional video, in other words for each 100.000 viewer of your emotional video, you might get  a client, while explainer videos it’s more around 1 in 10 or 20 views.

What is the value of a good Viral Video ?

We have been working in Viral Marketing, and more specifically viral video marketing since 2006.
That’s more than 9 years, during which, i can say we have seen it all…

We had clients that had great videos and wanted them to go viral. We had clients that had average videos and wanted them to go viral. And we had clients that had absolutely awful videos and wanted them to go viral.
The most we were able to help a client, was when we were involved since the early beginnings in the making before the marketing of the video.

What most companies fail to understand, is that to have a great viral video, you’ll need to start with a video that can go viral. Thus it is of up-most importance to hire the viral marketing experts at the beginning of the video production, even before the actual viral marketing & seeding starts.

Why? You might ask.
The answer is that the remarks and tips you’ll get from the viral videos Gurus, will help you get the video become marketable, or easy to diffuse and share.

Let’s get back to the main question,

What is the value of a good Viral Video ?

I want to write about 2 examples, these 2 examples show without any doubt, how a successful viral video can change the entire future of an artist or company, and none of these videos at first glance looked like it was the perfect viral video.

Example 1: PSY – GANGNAM STYLE :

This video has more than 2 billion and 300 million views. The video by itself is almost none comprehensive (Korean/bad english) for at least 90% of it’s viewers. It has a dance, which contributed to the virality, but no one would have expected that a video with a feel and looks of a low budget movie would sit on the throne of Youtube.
Yet, the video, had many elements of a good viral video [ we might detail them in another post], and was effective at creating a feeling that pushed people to share it.

The success of this video, changed the life of the artist, from a local artist to an internationally known and acknowledged celebrity. Psy has generated more than $12 million revenue on YouTube alone.


Example 2: DollarShaveClub:

This video got only 20 million views, but keep in mind that it’s actually a 100% Advertisement, so the fact that it got this amount of views is an achievement. The video might appear as if it does not contain viral factors [ music, dance, meme, etc], but actually it does contain other factors that have important role in making videos go viral [ humor, sarcasm, etc …].

As a result the video pushed a strong adoption and social engagement:
1.4 million facebook fan, did not happen because of the brand itself!

results of good viral video on facebook

To know the value of this video, you’ll need to head to the Wall Street Journal, where they announce that this startup is now valued at $615 Million. Before the viral video, this startup was worthless, most doubted that such a business model would work, even many asked, how would you get men to notice your product.
And then came the video, and the startup started growing exponentially to be valued now at $615 Million.
For this particular startup, this single viral video was woth $615 Million, because without it, the company would have gone out of business, after realizing it would be failed business model.


So, as a conclusion to this article, to get a good viral video :

1. You should never spare expenses nor time for finding and coining the right viral idea.
2. Always hire Viral Marketing professionals, to consult if not actually make the video.
3. Don’t impose your ideas and listen to what the Gurus advice you.

The above points are what make the difference between a hit and a flop.

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