Today, i read in a post online, how a guy is planning to make millions. He is planning to launch a music video, that would according to his estimates get between 20 and 60 million views, and thus he is expecting hundreds of thousands from youtube ads alone. That is absolutely wrong!

How to get paid for your Youtube videos?

Before expecting to get paid on youtube, there are a big list of conditions you need to abide by, i will detail these conditions in another post.
But for now, you need to focus on 3 conditions:

  • Do not use copyrighted material, especially music and audio.
  • Do not violate Youtube monetization policies.
  • Create Unique content.

How much Youtube pays video Creators?

This is the tricky part. Assuming that you do not violate the monetization policy, the pay depends on several factors including:

  • Where the viewers are located / higher or lower paid ads.
  • How long is the video / how many ads can be displayed.
  • Subject of the video / higher or lower paid ads.
  • Ads inventory / in some cases ads can even no be showing.

As a result of the above factors, the average pay for youtube videos is around 1000$ per 1 million views. Some videos would get 100-200$ per million views and others might get 3000$ or more, all depends on the above factors.